Billable Visits in Minutes!

Carewatch's EVV Pro provides an affordable telephony, and administrative platform. Emerging and maturing agencies are able to track, and report real-time visit information for your Home Health, and Hospice caregivers.EVV Pro is a perfect fit for those agencies that have an EVV compliance requirements for their state or are just trying to grow.

State EVV Mandate

With new laws requiring Electronic Visit Verification, we can help you make the process easy for your agency. With over 15 years experience Carewatch Inc. can give you the tools you need to be compliant with new state regulations..

What is Electronic Visit Verification?

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is the means of electronically verifying that a caregiver is physically present with the patient. Today, most states and other payers rely on EVV as a more effective monitoring tool than a hand-signed document.

Paperless Office

The CareWatch Electronic Visit Documentation Solution collects point-of-care information from the client’s home simply by using the home telephone. This information includes arrival and departure times, travel-time and mileage, and visit documentation.

Administrative Features

The Administrative application of EVV Pro is a web-based application. It provides you the tools to add/modify employees, patients and care plans. The Power Grid ™controls data and allows you to search, sort, organize, select, report, and work with the data as you need

If needed, you can now report back to the State about all of your EVV visits collected by EVV Pro!

Our Advantages

  • Powered by CareWatch’s cwIVR platform.
  • Browser-based, needs no special hardware at your location.e
  • Collects Point-of—Care visit information using the patient’s home telephone.
  • Transaction priced, only pay for what you use.h
  • Seamless upgrade path to the more powerful and full-featured CareWatch platform.
  • Full support

How it works

"Billable Visits Within Minutes, With complete Electronic Visit Verification Compliance."

  • 1

    Step One

    Care giver arrives to patients home.

  • 2

    Step Two

    They call in arrival information.

  • 3

    Step 3

    Cargiver performs his\her duties (tasks).

  • 4

    Step 4

    Cargiver calls out logs their departure information. Information is ready for billing and payroll within minutes of the visit being done.

EVV Pro Features

Giving agencies the tools they need to grow, and succeed.

Easily Adaptable

Able to bring a user-friendly interface right at your fingertips.


Send a text-to-voice message to an aide on the field.


Track more than just visits with Carewatch you can track office time,admin time, in-inservice and much more.


We make it easy for you and your staff to view your data.

Online and Call Support

Use our ticketing system to log an issue or use our direct support line number.

State Compliance

CareWatch is certified as an EVV solution provider. All visits that are collected by CareWatch include the components that State auditors require

HIPAA Security

EVV Pro follows HIPAA ordianance. From a secured data site to a two-factor authentication login. Feel secure knowing that CareWatch has you covered.

View Visits in Real Time

See your visits happening in real time as soon as your aides call in\out.


EVV Pro collects Time & Attendance (T&A), visit documentation, and travel-time and mileage. No more need for time-sheets or progress notes.


Each patient/client without a home phone is provided the token device. This device is attached to the patient’s bed or other non-removable fixture at the patient’s location. The caregiver must enter the random six (6) digits from the token display on their arrival and departure call to CareWatch. This is a One Time Password (OTP). This number is matched to the patient’s record, thereby verifying that the caregiver is indeed at the patient’s location.

Tailored For Your Needs

EVV Pro offers numerous custimizable options to fill all of your agencies needs.

All In One

EVV Pro makes your backend software easier to view and use.

Custom Reports

Need a report to suit your company? Our staff is willing to be build a report for your company needs. Whether it is for payroll or visits, if you can think it we can make it.


Access EVV Pro on any computer with an internet connection.


See what our customers have to say.


Feel relieved that your wallet is still intact..

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  • Payroll Reports
  • Application Added
  • Extra Features
  • EVV Token
  • We can make your EVV Pro even better!

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  • Unlimited User Seats
  • Companion Application
  • Client Slide Data Copy
  • Routes and Travel time
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Frequently Asked Questions


Does EVV Pro works with my backend system?

Carewatch works with most major EMR systems: Allscripts, Cerner, Homecare Homebase, Epic, Riversoft, etc. Have a different backend? Contact us!

Have a different backend? Contact us!

Do I need to install anything?

No, EVV Pro is a browser-based application.

Supporting major web browsers like: Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Can EVV Pro help with the new evv mandate laws in my state??


Carewatch Inc. is a certified electronic visit verification vendor. If your state requires evv, we have you covered. Check here to

I don't see a function\report I need. Can it be made??


Unlike most competitors Carewatch is able to create that function or special report you need. No need to spend thousands, and thousands of dollars for custom work.

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